A successful history

The production of Made in Italy footwear and accessories is the basis of the success of VALENTINO line, brand owned by Mario Valentino S.p.a.

With a century of history and an exclusive familiar know-how, Valentino creations appeared at the beginning of ‘900 thanks to the mastery of Mr. Vincenzo, father of the stylist Mario Valentino, and exclusive supplier of the King of Italy.


The future of tradition: mission Made in Italy

The production, completely Made in Italy, is the excellent result of experienced and highly specialized artisans that grants the utmost quality and stands as a strategical plus, promoting and defending Italian craftsmanship.

Wise artisanship, exclusive expertise, scrupulous selection of materials, research of an uncompromised quality: this is the philosophy of a brand in whose DNA prevail the premises for a constant innovative inspiration and for the international affirmation of its products.


Brand placement on market

A keen attention to uniqueness and the ability to combine intellectual curiosity with constant research, brought an already relevant protagonist in the luxury sector like Maison founded by the fashion designer Mario Valentino, to operate also in the field of accessible luxury through the production of Valentino shoes, in so exporting distinctive Italian quality and tradition worldwide.

Our Valentino shoes result from an extensive, attentive and elaborate research aiming to offer a modern, high quality product to satisfy even the most demanding customers and the quick changes of the market.

An accurate analysis of the market’s demand and the consequent product policy anticipate every need of a new consumer who appears increasingly drawn towards the positive casual trend.

Valentino Special VVV

Mario Valentino FoundatorValentino Brand RegistrationValentino Special VVV

The evolution of the brand

EntirelyMade in Italy, the Valentino sneakers collection is dedicated to men and women that love living an active lifestyle and with and easy-chich style; keeping always an eye to the latest trends and season must-haves but without renouncing to comfort and functionality.

The quality

A sporty line of women shoes which just cannot pass unnoticed thanks to the highest quality leather, meticulously refined details, fancy fabrics.

Our origins

The story of Mario Valentino begins in Naples in 1952 from the modern vision of its founder, and since the very beginning has always stood out for its iconic and eye-catching style, combining tradition with innovation.